Spiritual wedding destination, Shiv Parvati got married in Triyuginarayan.

The shrine is located in Rudraprayag district, is the place where Lord Shiva and Goddess Parvati got married and in presence of Lord Vishnu. It is already a popular pilgrimage destination. The recent popularity of the temple due to wedding celebrations of TV actor Kavita Kaushik has brought the shrine into the limelight. Cabinet minister Dhan Singh Rawat too recently got married at the shrine. Now, the rumors of India’s wealthiest person Mukesh Ambani’s son Aakash and businessman Russell Mehta’s daughter Shloka’s marriage at Triyuginarayan is making headlines.
A special feature of this temple is a perpetual fire, that burns in front of the temple. The flame is believed to burn from the times of the divine marriage. Thus, the temple is also known as Akhand Dhuni temple.
There are 2 ways to reach the temple from Sonprayag. The devotees from Sonprayag can either reach the temple by covering a distance of 6 km or devotees can cover the trek distance of 5 km by taxi and after that can cover the trek distance of 3 km.
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